The Pittini Group was created in the 50ies at the initiative of Mr. ANDREA PITTINI. Over the years, it has been consolidating its leadership in the field of steel production up to its current size. Presently, the Group manufactures more than 3 million tons of steel per year, also thanks to balanced growth planning and market-oriented trading strategies.


The company is divided into two manufacturing units:
- the holding company based in Osoppo (UD), which includes an electric steel mill, a wire rod rolling mill, a bar rolling mill and various departments devoted to the production of electro-welded wires and lattice girders;
- the premises in Potenza, where another electric steel mill for billets and a rolling mill for rebars are located.


The plant is a historic local landmark and consists of two electric steelworks, a bar mill, a wire rod mill and sections manufacturing coils and arc-welded meshes.


SIAT is a leading company in the field of drawn and cold-rolled rod produced from a low carbon steel produced for: mechanical, plant engineering, automotive, appliance and furnishing.


Production Unit of SIAT S.p.A. produces welding wires and submerged arc welding wires. The quality of Pittarc wires is ensured by production processes constantly under control and the use of raw materials with low contents of gas and impurities.


This company manufactures a broad range of electro-welded reinforcements and drawn products for building applications, including standard products (electro-welded meshes, bars and coils, drawn coils and straightened products), products for prefabrication (made-to-measure, designed and/or moulded meshes, meshes for pillars, Trafer lattice girders and spacers) and products for building companies (Maplat unidirectional systems, calendered meshes for tunnels, segment-based systems for tunnel covering, meshes for reinforced earths, etc.).

BSTG G.m.b.h.

With two facilities in Linz and Graz, this company is one of the major manufacturer of standard, Schlaufenmatte and made-to-measure electro-welded meshes. Thanks to its strategic logistic position, it can easily serve Central and Eastern European markets.

KOVINAR d.o.o.

Kovinar, based in Jesenice (Slovenia), is a well-established manufacturer of electro-welded meshes, known for its flexibility and service. Thanks to its fifty years experience in the building sector and to its favourable logistic position, the company is a major industrial complex.