June 29, 2017: Pittarc’s Representatives meeting

Pittarc’s representatives meeting (the Pittini Group branch specialized in welding wires’ production) took place yesterday.
The meeting, a crucial moment of sharing, was held at the headquarters of Confindustria in the historical Palazzo Torriani in the heart of Udine.
The main topics of the meeting were:

  • Sales reports analysis of our branch products among which the GMAW, SAW wires and fluxes;
  • Technological upgrades and development of new commercial strategies to improve and strengthen the relationship with clients and also to expand into new markets

A particular focus was set on the new excellent feeding INNOV-ARC wire, which, after its launch last year, has a great success and application among Pittarc’s clients.
Mr. Egidio Birello, manager of the Mogliano Veneto’s branch of the Italian Welding Institute, was also present at the meeting. During his speech, Mr. Birello mentioned the following issues:

  1.  The evaluation, the identification and a potential change of welding consumables expected in Welding Procedure Specification and in Procedure Qualification Record of support regarding GMAW wires and SAW fluxes;
  2. The construction of metallic structures according to EN 1090 and the request of using welding consumables with EC certification.