+60% for Telethon

A fundraising event that was around 60% higher than last year shows the awareness and generosity of the Friulian capital in terms of solidarity.

At the ceremony held at the BNL headquarters in Udine, representatives from Abramo Impianti, Biofarma, Cda, Cigierre, Coveg, Danieli, Fisa, Italpol, LimaCorporate, Midolini, Pratic, Ramo, Rizzani de Eccher, Studio Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro, Torre together with the Pittini Group delivered a cheque for € 51,610 to the chairman of the Udinese Staffette Telethon Committee, Marco de Eccher.

The Pittini Group is proud to have been part of the sponsors of the marathon which raised € 252,398 at a national level.

Our Steel Runners, consisting of 4 teams, 1 of which was entirely female, contributed by running more than 1,000km, which corresponds to a donation of over €. 5,000.

Besides the commitment of the runners, again for this edition of Telethon a large refreshment point was set up in Piazza Primo Maggio for all the athletes and in general to those who wanted to share a moment of celebration and solidarity, contributing to the fundraising to fight rare genetic diseases.

The next Telethon 24 x 1 hour relay in Udine will be held on Saturday 30th and Sunday 1st December.