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Steel in Verona got updated

Pittini Group, a steel company producing long products for the building sector and mechanical industry, presents an industrial plan called “Masterplan” (2016-2021) at Acciaierie di Verona Spa.
During 2016, a careful analysis of the plant has been carried out. Many aspects were taken into account: from the technical and plant engineering point of view to human resources, inernal and external logistics, compatibility with the urban fabric and the quality of products. The evaluations were performed in order to define an industrial plan following the steps of the other companies pertaining to Pittini Group so that to boost and update the whole plant in Verona.

The “Masterplan” business plan entails the extensive technological upgrade of manufacturing facilities to improve product quality. The project will also entail the upgrading of infrastructures and facilities to improve working environments to the benefit of all company workers. This plan is implemented by preserving continuity of operations and by keeping the employment levels of the manufacturing site unchanged.