Granella® by PITTINI has obtained the EPD certification: a milestone for increasingly sustainable production processes

Granella®, the aggregate produced by the Pittini Group’s plant in Osoppo (UD), has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification, thus becoming the first EPD-certified aggregate from steel slag.

The Environmental Product Declaration is an innovative tool fully within the scope of EU environmental policies to assess all product characteristics, performance and environmental impacts. The EPD document, stemming from a study carried out in co-operation with the University Centre for Applied Research at the University of Padua, provides objective and comparable data on the environmental performance of Granella® validated by an external body. The certifying partner is ICMQ, the Institute for certification and quality branding for products and services for construction.

Since 1995, the Pittini Group has been – also through its “Zero Waste” project – one of the first steel manufacturers to reinterpret the production cycle and to boost circular economy, including potential industrial waste for new intended uses. There has been extensive research on steel slag, which has developed into a true product. That is why the Pittini Group registered the Granella® trademark in 2009.

Thanks to the physical and mechanical characteristics that make it particularly suitable for road surface applications, Granella® is used in place of precious naturally-occurring aggregates such as basalt, diabase and porphyry. Hence, rather than being disposed of as industrial waste, millions of tonnes of slag have become an invaluable component in many building projects in place of mined natural materials, with noticeable direct effects on the environment.

The EPD certification is a further step forward as it enables the reduction in environmental impact thanks to the production of Granella® to be quantified.

It should be stressed that EPD certification is a voluntary environmental certification scheme as provided for by UNI EN ISO 14025:2010. This underlines the commitment by the Pittini Group to be at the forefront of eco-friendliness and to lead the way into an increasingly sustainable production without compromising product quality.

EPD-certified Granella® allows builders to pursue higher-point valued credits for international assessment standards on sustainability of works such as LEED V4.

Download the EPD Certification of Granella®