Pittini Group as an example of circular economy at the European Commission

Last 8th of March Dr. Loris Bianco from Pittini Group’s Environment and Safety Department took part as speaker in the conference “The Future of European Steel Industry” held at Directorate General for Research & Innovation of the European Commission. The main topics of the conference have been Circular Economy, research and innovation within the field of steel production, particularly focusing on the environmental impact.

During the part of the conference titled “European Steel in 2051 – Steel as a key component of the circular economy”, Dr. Loris Bianco explained the Zero Waste Project, which started in 1997 at Ferriere Nord and turned out to be a positive example of circular economy in the steel production field. The Zero Waste Project entails a number of activities aiming to reduce waste destined for landfills by recycling it and creating new products out of it. For example, the steel slag coming from the EAF (electric arc furnace) is transformed into Granella (used for high-performance bituminous mixtures and concrete conglomerates); zinc is taken from the smoke produced by the furnace; scrap from the LF (ladle furnace) is reused in the electric furnace.

Further information about the Zero Waste Project can be found here

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