JUMBO 5.0: Innovation first

Ferriere Nord presents the first world facility for the production of 5ton hot rolled coils, a completely revamped plant, which is one of the most modern and technologically advanced in the world.

JUMBO 5.0 is the result of a refurbishing process began in the 2002, when started in production the first spooler line for hot rolled coils of the world. In 2007 the production passed to JUMBO coils with diameter of 20 mm, in 2013 was installed the billet welder for the endless welding rolling supplied by DANIELI. In 2015 was installed the new devices of the spooler line for production of coils up to 5 tons and up to 32 mm size.

The spooler process allows rebar in coil formation by “twist free” winding of hot rolled/on line quenched or “control cooled” bar, evenly distributed on the spooler drum in subsequent, regular, homogeneous and compact layers. In this way we obtain a very compact packaged coil which decoil easy and reliable on automatic straightening / bending machines. This means that we have done a double innovation: of production process and of product.

The JUMBO 5.0 coil is made in high ductility “HD” steel, developed to meet the resistance requirements of reinforced concrete constructions subject to severe seismic actions. It is available in different steel grades (B450C, B500B, B500C, B550B, s400-w) in order to satisfy the Standard Regulations of each Country of destination (over 15).

JUMBO 5.0 coils are directly obtained from the hot rolling process of one or more billets. This production process allows to obtain a NO-TWIST wire winding with a regular and continuous unwinding attitude during decoiling in order to obtain stirrups and shaped reinforcements with constant and reliable geometry also during multi-wire manufacturing. Along the outer side of the coil wire ribs run parallel one layer to the other with no torsion around their axis.

The technological improvement of the plant allows to manufacture coils of different sizes without any wire butt welding. This process allows to avoid any unpredictable problem of wire break during coil unwinding, which can cause processing interruptions of the plants during straightening operations.

The new JUMBO 5.0 coils are supplied in a compact packaging with diameters ranging from 8 to 32mm and a weight of 2.5 or 5 ton, in order to meet all cut and bend shops’ requirements.