Open letter to the President of the Italian Republic

An open letter to the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella signed by Federico Pittini, President of Ferriere Nord S.p.A, was published on the Italian newspapers “Sole 24 ore” and “Corriere della Sera”.
Subject of the letter were the unfounded sanctions imposed by the Antitrust Authority last 19th July, when our society was fined for the presumed existence of a price-control cartel on reinforced concrete bars and construction meshes in Italy during the period from 2010 to 2015.

Seven more companies are under the grip of the Antitrust Authority with considerable consequences on the whole steel industry: “The sanction imposed by the Antitrust Authority is undermining a whole industrial branch already weakened by almost 10 years of a significant national and European crisis”.

The decision of the Italian Antitrust Authority seems intended to destroy what is left of the Italian steel industries, being addressed to someone who is not responsible of any violation whatsoever.
Ferriere Nord’s President is determined to lodge an appeal to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court against the decision of the Italian Antitrust Authority, which is considered incomprehensible by Ferriere Nord.
“Our company will use all the means put at disposal by the National Legal System against this unfair decision inflicted by the Antitrust Authority because we are sure of our correct behavior and aware that our reasons will be properly recognized”.

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