Management 4 Steel, the Steel Academy takes off

The Management 4 Steel project has started. The Academy is part of an initiative that goes beyond the corporate individuality of the Aso, Duferco, Feralpi and Pittini Groups, who have teamed up to create a shared course of higher education, providing cross-knowledge and soft skills to internal collaborators.

Officially presented in July, the project aims at increasing steel culture, while promoting the creation of a network in the steel world. To increase skills and professionalism; this is the purpose of the journey that has started today (4 October).
The work sessions that will be taking place between Brescia and Verona are structured with the aim of providing new knowledge through a modern approach and with specific focus on Industry 4.0. From analysing business scenarios to process planning, communication techniques, problem solving methods, “Management 4 Steel” looks openly at focusing on cooperation and cross knowledge as strong competitive advantages.

Image source: Freepik