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The product

The wire rods produced by this plant are intended for various applications.

High carbon wire rods G3V80 and G3V82 are destined to the production of braids and strands for pre-stressed concrete as they reach high ductility strengths testified by breaking point values till 1240 MPa, with a minimum necking of 30%.

High carbon wire rods G3V60 and G3V72 are used to produce meshes to reinforce tyres or to produce springs.

Finally also medium carbon wire rods are manufactured. They are suitable for the production of nails, clips and other various applications.

The Pittini Group is making huge investments to totally renew the manufacturing plant in Verona. In particular, the wire rod rolling mill will be entirely renovated to offer increasingly higher quality products.

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TypeClassificationTechnical sheetApplications
G3V42EN ISO 16120-4 C42D2SPV101iFor drawing and galvanizing
G3V55EN ISO 16120-4 C55D2SPV103iFor drawing and cold rolling
G3V60EN ISO 16120-4 C60D2SPV110iFor drawing
G3V66EN ISO 16120-4 C66D2SPV104iFor drawing of tyre
reinforcing wires
G3V72EN ISO 16120-4 C72D2SPV105iFor drawing of wire
for mechanical springs
G3V80EN ISO 16120-4 C80D2SPV107iFor drawing of wire for pre-stressed
concrete stranding
G3V82EN ISO 16120-4 C82D2SPV108iDrawing and pre-stressed
concrete stranding.
For railway sleepers


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