Retrofeed: the Pittini Group partner of the european circular economy project

The Pittini Group’s Research and Development projects are proof of a concrete and real commitment aimed at improving the environmental impact and the effects across the territory of the steel production and transformation activities.

Among the active projects is the Retrofeed Project, coordinated by the Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption in Zaragoza, which involves 18 partners on a European scale in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities along the path of progressive decarbonisation.

The project concerns five resource and energy intensive sectors, including the steel industry, with the aim of encouraging the use of circular raw materials within their production chain. The activity also envisages the design and construction of a complex monitoring and control system for the plant and an advanced decision support system – DSS – that supports the progressive diversification of raw materials and energy sources.

The consortium’s ultimate goal is to increase resource efficiency by 22% and energy efficiency by 19%, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.