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Pittini Group’s Laboratory carries out many tasks concerning a variety of fields. The laboratory‘s main task is steel’s quality control through chemical and mechanical tests. Furthermore, the laboratory supports manufacturing activities by monitoring process parameters and providing quality assurance for scraps and other supplies of materials. The laboratory also deals with environmental monitoring. In particular, it analyses waste water and emissions in the air and checks the quality of furnace slag aggregates.

The laboratory performs the following tests:

Chemical analysis – the laboratory carries out wet spectrometric and chemical tests: chemical characterisation of steel and most of strategic materials, control of steel mill secondary products and environmental monitoring.

Mechanical tests – to determine the strength and ductility of steel.

Metallography tests – the laboratory mainly performs analyses to characterise the crystalline grain, stages and inclusional state of steel.

Geotechnical tests – the laboratory mainly controls the manufacturing process and the quality of Granella® (aggregate for bituminous and cement concrete).

Laboratory instrument list

In January 2016, the in-house laboratory of Ferriere Nord Spa was accredited pursuant to UNI CEI EN ISO IEC 17025:2005 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.

This accreditation certifies that our laboratory personnel has the required competence, that our testing instruments are suitable for their intended purpose and that laboratory activities are carried out independently, thus guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of our test results.

Our laboratory was accredited by Accredia, the Italian body that signed the ILAC MRA agreements. This accreditation ensures that all test reports issued by entities accredited by signatory bodies are mutually recognised at the International level and that they are fully valid in all major global markets.

The updated list of the testing laboratories accredited by ACCREDIA is available here.

ACCREDIA Accreditation certificate
List of accredited tests SEAT A