The Pittini Group at the ISI 2019 National Congress, L’Aquila 27 and 28 June

Pittini Group‘s expertise in anti-seismic building solutions is the result of continuous research that has led to various excellences such as the first high-ductility reinforcing steel for HD® reinforced concrete, a product that will revolutionize the construction world by anticipating the requirements in the field of anti-seismic steels.
With the desire to pool their knowledge, PITTINI has chosen to give its support to the 2019 National Congress by ISI, the Italian Seismic Engineering Association, to be held in L’Aquila on 27th and 28th June 2019.

The event is one of a kind and will be held over a two-day period. Workshops, technical seminars, studies and discussions with worldwide specialists, as well as visits to the sites of the historic centre and the C.A.S.E. project together with the companies that provided the technologies to rebuild the Abruzzo capital. Participants at the congress can also obtain educational credits.
To consult the program and register, please visit the dedicated website:

Eng. Roberta Mallardo, Pittini Group product technical department manager, is coordinating the session on non-structural elements.