The Pittini Group running for solidarity

The Pittini Group contributed to the great success of the 20th Telethon relay race (24km x 1h) and the 41st Marcia del Giocattolo.

The 20th Telethon relay race, which took place last weekend in Udine, registered some record figures: 560 teams involving 15k runners of all levels, from experts to amateurs.

The heart of the city was being lit by a lively Christmas atmosphere, perfectly pairing with Telethon’s purpose: solidarity.

The Pittini Group’s Steel Runners actively contributed to the race: many workers, coming from different branches of the Company, gathered into 4 teams, each of them pertaining to different categories.
Altogether, the teams ran for more than 1,000 km and collected more than 5k € destined to scientific research on rare genetic diseases.

A week later, on the 8th of December, the Marcia del Giocattolo took place in Verona. The event, organized by the municipality of Verona, involved thousands of participants running through the streets of the city and the hills nearby. The Pittini Group is particularly proud to support this event because its aim is collecting funds addressed to disadvantaged children.
In such an atmosphere of solidarity, the Pittini Group followed suit by creating a little book for children introducing the topic of circular economy, one of the pillars of the Company’s development strategy.