The selection process

The selection process

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Training objectives

The selection process at Pittini Group is designed to ensure that candidates have the right skills to be perfectly integrated into the company as well as to provide talented applicants with a positive candidate experience.

The main phases of the selection process

Online application

The candidate’s details and CV are collected using the online application system.
Link to the application portal

Introductory interview

In this stage, the candidates’ technical and transversal skills, previous experience, motivation and future expectations will be explored.

percorso di selezione
In-depth interview

This is a meeting with the head of the relevant department to explore the more technical aspects of the role and may include a tour of the facility.

Final Stage

At the end of the selection process, each candidate will receive feedback from the HR team. If this is positive, the onboarding activities will start.


The selection process was successful! Everything is ready for you to join the Pittini Group.

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