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The Pittini Group is a reference in the field of production and supply of high quality low carbon content wire rod and provides excellent logistic and packaging service to customers.

Wire rod for drawn wires is manufactured so as to obtain the best drawing with good surface finish. Therefore it is suitable for chemical pickling and mechanical descaling. It is produced in qualities that allow to reach diameter reductions lower than one millimeter or in grades having silicon contents that ensure the best hot zinc plating can be obtained. Boron wire rods are very ductile and can achieve larger cross-section reductions while still being highly workable.

Wire rod for reinforced concrete structures is designed so that the resulting products, after processing – cold rolled wires, electro-welded meshes and lattice girders – comply with the specifications laid down in the regulations in force in Italy and abroad.

Also wire rod Fe36 is worth mentioning, as it meets the features required by steel S235JR according to norm EN 10025-2, as per the European Regulation 305/2011 no.Fe36-CPR-2013-07.

Wire rod for welding wires has low impurity contents to ensure proper behaviours when further processed, with fast diameter reductions and related mechanical stress relieving.

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Low Carbon Content For Drawing

TypeClassificationTechnical sheetApplications
Fe 34+BASTM A 510M SAE 1005 e SAE 1006,
EN ISO16120-3 C4D1
SPF154iFor deep drawing
and cold rolling
G3V5/BASTM A 510M SAE 1005 e SAE 1006,
EN ISO 16120-3 C4D1


UNI EN ISO 16120-2 C4D
Fe 36 (S235JR)ASTM A 510M SAE 1006,
EN ISO 16120-2 C4D,
EN 10025-2 S235JR
SPF166iFor cold drawing and rolling,
suitable for steel structures
according to EN 10025
Fe37 + BEN ISO 16120-2 C4DSPF140iFor drawing and
cold rolling.
Suitable for hot dip
galvanizingFor drawing and cold rolling
G3V8/BEN ISO 16120-2 C4DSPV002i
SAE 1006(*)ASTM A 510M SAE 1006,
EN ISO 16120-2 C7D
SPV009iFor drawing and cold rolling
SAE 1008(*)ASTM A 510M SAE 1008,
EN ISO 16120-2 C9D
SPV004iFor drawing and cold rolling
SAE 1010(*)ASTM A 510M SAE 1010,
EN ISO 16120-2 C10D
SPV005iFor drawing and cold rolling
G3V20EN ISO 16120-4 C20D2SPV012iFor drawing

(*) = on request

Low Carbon Wire Rod for Concrete

TypeClassificationTechnical sheetApplications
Fe41 Sta (SAE 1008
Mesh Quality)
ASTM A 510M SAE 1008SPF157iDrawing and
cold rolling
for the production
of reinforcing steel wire
GVD/AEN ISO 16120-2 C4DSPV006i
SAE 1010
(Mesh Quality)
ASTM A 510M SAE 1010SPF152i

(*) = On Request

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