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Latest #BeAhead stories

Pittini steel travels at high speed

The Pittini Group is contributing to the high-speed railway project that will connect Europe to southern Italy.

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Granella® improves safety on mountain roads

Designing, building and maintaining the efficiency of mountain roads has always been a difficult task given the various geological problems due to the morphology of the area in which a road develops. This is the case of the road that we want to tell you about today.

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Pittini steel designs Malta’s future skyline

The past and the future, history and modernity passed through by Pittini steel. It all happens in Malta, where the Group will contribute to the redevelopment of the historic Mercury House, along the east coast.

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KTM motorcycles rely on Pittarc welding wires

Behind this important Austrian brand which has made motorcycling history, is the reliability of GMAW Pittarc wire, chosen for the welding of its frames.

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Pittini steel chosen for the innovative Danish Storstrøm Bridge

Jumbo® coils have been chosen for this futuristic Danish structure for cars, trains and bicycles.

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An innovative noise barrier with a sustainable core

A by-product deriving from steel processing waste becomes the protagonist of large infrastructure works.

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PITTINI lattice girders for high-rise structures

On the Giava Island, Indonesia, a 210-meter-high chimney stack stands out: it is realized through the disposable formwork method, reinforced with the Pittini Group’s Baustrada HD lattice girders.

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Safer and greener road pavement with Granella®

Over fifteen thousand cubic metres of Granella® to resurface the Mestre by-pass on the A4 motorway with a draining and sound-absorbing layer.

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From steelworks to kitchens all over the world

A historic collaboration that links the success of Cosma grids to SIAT cold rolled plates.

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