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From steel to packaging: a perfect example of circular economy

The paper recovery and recycling process is streamlined thanks to packaging made from Pittini wire rod.

Similar to steel, paper is also a material that can be recovered and recycled. Cellulose can be subjected to repeated processing cycles. Recovered paper can thus be processed and used again as a secondary material for the production of new paper. Proper waste separation is therefore essential, which allows paper to be reintroduced into the production process, to reduce waste and to decrease deforestation.

Steel packaging improves the process

Recycling plants transform paper waste into secondary raw material. They remove impurities from paper and cardboard and compact them to reduce operating costs and optimise logistics before shipping this material to paper mills. This is where the wire manufactured by Bottaro, a company that produces iron wire for industry, hot-dip galvanising, agriculture, and the recycling sector, makes its mark. Specifically, Bottaro wire guarantees recycling plants high-performance and sustainable iron wire, which improves the efficiency of the entire operating process.

Pittini steel for paper recycling

Bottaro follows a careful environmental policy that it shares with the entire supply chain. This is why it selects suppliers, such as Pittini, based on specific characteristics. Using a quality raw material, such as our steel, also makes it possible to produce steel wire that is free of fractures and that does not cause problems when it is being uncoiled under the press. As a result, the daily operation of recycling plants is more efficient and electricity consumption is also reduced.

packaging packaging

Pittini steel is therefore enabling the manufacturing of a product that serves not only customers but the entire environment, improving the sustainability of production processes.