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The New Drini Bridge: PITTINI steel for a first-class infrastructure

This infrastructure, built in Albania, is an emblematic example of the use of steel in modern civil engineering, giving the work strength and durability.

The New Drini Bridge was built between the Drin Nero River and the artificial lake of Fierza in the city of Kukës in north-eastern Albania. The structure is part of the completion of the motorway linking Albania with Kosovo and Eastern Europe.

The New Drini Bridge is a remarkable feat of engineering. The bridge structure consists of three spans, with the central span measuring 270 metres and an arch that rises 55 metres from the ground. This makes it the largest arched bridge in Albania. Its integration into the surrounding landscape and the innovative construction solutions used make the New Drini Bridge a very interesting technical and aesthetic work of engineering.

The quality and advantages of PITTINI steel

The structure was built using PITTINI steel, namely B500 rebar for reinforced concrete with diameters ranging from 8mm to 30mm and a total weight of approximately 1,000 tonnes. These rebars were used in the construction of the bridge deck. In addition, 150 tonnes of lattice girders were used.
The advantages of PITTINI steel include the availability of a complete range of products for the construction of infrastructure.

The strategic collaboration between the Pittini Group and Salillari

The client was the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Albania, while the general contractor was Salillari Ltd, which had already worked with the Pittini Group in the past. Salillari has been active in the construction sector since 1994 and has grown considerably in recent years in response to the increasing demand in the construction sector in Albania.
For this project, in addition to the quality of the steel, the punctuality of the delivery programme played a key role in the client’s decision to choose and trust the Pittini Group. Each stage, from production to loading of the bars onto the ship and delivery, was carried out with precision and efficiency.