Steel, a ferrous alloy composed essentially of iron and carbon, is the basis of a country’s industrial activity, and the level of its production helps to define its degree of industrialisation. Thanks to its characteristics, it has played a decisive role in human history.
One example: without steel, there would have been no industrial revolution.
Here we would like to tell you about the different uses that the steel produced in our steel mills has in the objects around us, starting with construction and infrastructure works and ending with the world of mechanics and welding. You will discover in this section how we contributed to the construction of the Naples-Bari high-speed railway route and the construction of the innovative Danish Storstrøm bridge.
You will not only find stories about great works but also how steel makes our lives more comfortable, from kitchen grills to sparkling wine crates.
These are just some of the uses of steel that you will find in this blog.