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Modulblok and Pittarc: a strong link for quality racking

Pittarc wire guarantees the high quality and safety of logistics structures which are designed and manufactured by ModulBlok for leading European companies.

A modern logistics structure improves the organisation of companies

The warehouse plays a crucial role in the proper management and organisation of a company. It is an essential logistics structure for the receiving, storage, and distribution of goods. Securing an efficient flow of materials also depends on the strategic design and implementation of storage systems. One of the most important companies in this sector is ModulBlok, which has been operating in the field of logistics and warehouse technology for over forty years.

In particular, ModulBlok is at the forefront of research and design of racking in seismic zones, with a specific focus on the safety of both people and structures. ModulBlok manufactures modules and systems for the most important European companies, seeking to improve the organisation, efficiency, and safety of their warehouses.

Structure safety is guaranteed with Pittarc wire

ModulBlok utilises Pittarc’s GMAW welding wire to guarantee the high quality and safety of its products, focusing on every detail. In its production process, ModulBlok adheres to the strictest quality standards, paying the utmost attention to the management of the welding process through the application of detailed design specifications necessary for the execution of welded joints.

The welded joints are inspected in compliance with regulatory requirements, following a comprehensive quality control system. The laboratory tests are based on increased levels of non-destructive testing, involving visual inspections and liquid penetrant testing, followed by destructive testing incorporating joint micrographs and laboratory testing. In recent years, ModulBlok has also focused on developing partnerships with the most prestigious universities, in light of new regulations that require a series of accurate testing to assess the mechanical properties of steel racking.

The wire utilised by ModulBlok to guarantee the welding process is Pittarc G6, manufactured by the Pittini Group. This was chosen because of the wide range of diameters and packages available, which allows maximum flexibility for use in the more than 40 machining centres in operation at the Amaro (UD) plant. Consistency in wire quality and reliability are added strengths which are guaranteed with the wire produced by Pittarc.