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A history of ingenuity,
innovation, and passion

We started out as a wire drawing mill in the 1950s, and today we have become a steel group that manages the entire steel production cycle from the perspective of the circular economy.

From the spark of ingenuity the first wire drawing mill is born

history pittini group

The Pittini Group was established in post-war Italy based on the desire for rebirth, transforming wreckage and war debris into steel to rebuild the country. The first wire-drawing plant was set up in Gemona del Friuli, with machinery designed to recover and straighten iron rods, much in demand for this reconstruction.

Innovation as a driver for development and industrialisation

history pittini group

In order to expand, however, it was necessary to look for a new area in which to build a real factory with warehouses, open spaces, and offices. The ideal place was found on the Osoppo plain, not far from Gemona.

history pittini group

In the early 1960s, construction work began on the “Metallurgiche Pittini” plant. In parallel, the steel market for reconstruction was steadily expanding. Pittini understood the market potential and imported the Bausta lattice girder patent from Germany, used in the construction of slabs. Few years later the plants were expanded and the prodution of electrowelded wire mesh was launched.

history pittini group

In 1971 the engines of the wire rod rolling mill were also activated. This marked the start of the verticalization of production that would guide the company’s growth strategy in the coming years.

The production process is verticalized

history pittini group

The decade, which started with the launch of the wire rod rolling mill, was completed with the establishment of the first steel plant, marking the realisation of the company’s full autonomy throughout the entire production chain.

The increase in wire rod production led the Group to acquire S.I.A.T. of Gemona in 1972, specialised in the production of drawn products for the mechanical industry. Ten years later, another acquisition was completed with the incorporation of Filarc, known today as Pittarc, a leading manufacturer of welding wire.

Sustainability at the heart of growth plans

history pittini group

The history of the Pittini Group is intertwined with that of the country and with the history of a rapidly changing sector. Its position was further consolidated with the acquisition of La Veneta Reti, in Loreggia in the province of Padua, which specialises in the production of special electro-welded products.

history pittini group

In 1997, HD® high ductility steel was developed, anticipating regulations in the field of anti-seismic steels for the construction industry, and in 2002 the world’s first plant for the production of hot-rolled coils weighing 2.5 tonnes was built in Osoppo, setting a new standard in the sector.

A change in management in the early 2000s led to the implementation of a growth strategy based on technological innovation, sustainable industrial development, and a focus on people.

The growth of the organisation is directed towards an expanding position in foreign markets.
In 2002, to address the Mediterranean market, the company acquired an industrial complex in Potenza, now called Siderpotenza S.p.A., with a steel mill and rolling mill for the production of concrete rebar.

In 2007, the company expanded to Slovenia with the acquisition of Kovinar, a long-standing producer of electro-welded mesh based in Jesenice. Six years later, the Austrian company BSTG was acquired, with two plants in Linz and Graz, which also specialised in the production of electro-welded mesh.

2015 signalled a change of pace for the Group. Acciaierie di Verona S.p.A. was established, a company that took over the historic ex-Galtarossa industrial site. The acquisition of the plant was accompanied by the launch of a major plant and infrastructure renovation plan that would change the face of one of the historic sites of the Italian steel industry. A state-of-the-art wire rod rolling mill updated to the latest Industry 4.0 standards has been developed here.

The Group, which has always focused on environmental sustainability and circularity of resources, has implemented a major redevelopment plan for its plant in Potenza. Green Steel was launched in 2019: an investment programme to equip this production site with innovative technologies that make production processes increasingly compatible with the environment, improving the well-being of people in the workplace and in the territory.

People are the most valuable capital

People are the foundation of the Group, their training is its driving force. Constant preparation made of study, experience in the field, and the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next.
Over the years, training has been adapted to the evolution of technology and today finds its best expression in Officina Pittini per la Formazione, founded in 2003 as a training school for the Group’s companies.

People are also at the heart of the Fondazione Gruppo Pittini, set up in 2020 as a result of the Group’s desire to tangibly express its social responsibility towards the community through projects and initiatives in the fields of training, territory, and solidarity.

The Group nowadays

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