Green Steel

Green Steel's environmental protection development programme in Potenza
is aimed at improving the environmental effects of production activities.

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A project for green steel production

The Pittini Group’s commitment to sustainability has taken shape over the years through a wide range of activities. Green Steel represents a far-reaching project that focuses on environmental protection.

Green Steel applies to the plant in Potenza and identifies an investment programme consisting of a series of complex measures with the common denominator of improving the impact of production on the environment, with particular attention to:

  • the rationalisation of water consumption;
  • the reduction of atmospheric emissions;
  • the increase of energy efficiency;
  • improvement of the acoustic impact;
  • covering the area used for storing ferrous material.

green steel green steel

These measures will raise the level of environmental protection beyond what was established by the European Commission with the “Executive Decision 2012/135/EU” dated 28 February 2012, which sets out the conclusions on Best Available Techniques (BAT) for iron and steel production.

Project co-financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund – Enterprise and Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020.


Five project areas

Closed water circuit

The “CLOSED WATER CIRCUIT ” project focuses on the plant’s process water cooling system by adopting closed-circuit technologies, using air-coolers, which will reduce water consumption by reusing water.

The planned plant modifications will also allow other objectives to be achieved, such as:

  • reducing the use of additives;
  • improving the acoustic impact;
  • reduction of steam emissions (fumes).

Technical information:

Investment project to adopt closed or semi-closed water circuit cooling systems – CUP C36F18000010008
Maximum allowable project value 19,449,875.24 Euros
Maximum amount of the grant 10,354,721.43 Euros

New electric arc furnace

The “GREEN EAF” project is aimed at improving the environmental performance of the electric arc furnace in the steelmaking department.

The solutions identified are characterised by the use of the most modern technologies applicable in the steelmaking field and will enable:

  • the reduction of power consumption;
  • the reduction of CO2 produced during the smelting process;
  • improving the acoustic impact;
  • the reduction of lime consumption.

Technical information:

Investment project for the construction of a new electric arc furnace complete with an innovative system for the reuse of ladle slag – CUP C36F18000020004
Maximum allowable project value 20,031,300.00 Euros
Maximum amount of the grant 8,741,315.00 Euros

Emissions reduction

The “EMISSION REDUCTION” project plans an additional reduction of atmospheric emissions through two specific measures within the plant’s industrial processes.

Specifically, plant modifications will involve upgrading the steel mill’s gas vacuum system and improving the efficiency of the pre-heating furnace in the rolling mill.

Technical information:

Investment project to upgrade air emission reduction facilities at both the steel mill and the rolling mill – CUP C36F18000030004
Maximum allowable project value 3,013,223.16 Euros
Maximum amount of the grant 1,635,967.32 Euros

Covered scrap yard

The ” COVERED SCRAP YARD ” project foresees the expansion of the roofed space of the ferrous material storage area.

The characteristics of this new development will ensure:

  • the sheltered storage of material;
  • reduction in dust emissions;
  • the reduction of material handling noise.

Technical information:

Investment plan for the expansion of the covered scrap yard – CUP C36F18000040004

Maximum allowable project value 10,403,351.00 Euros
Maximum amount of the grant 5,721,843.05 Euros


The ” SOUND-PROOFING ” project involves the construction of systems to isolate and reduce noise emanating from the plant, in particular from the areas in which the installations that constitute the main sources of acoustic emissions are located.

Several measures are planned to contain and reduce noise emissions to the surrounding areas of the plant. The systems will be located in a new soundproof building and new infrastructure will be built. Finally, the perimeter areas of the plant will be landscaped with different plant species to mitigate the noise generated by the industrial site.

Technical information:

Investment project for soundproofing measures – CUP C36F18000050002
Maximum allowable project value 2,047,874.25 Euros
Maximum amount of the grant 1,126,330.84 Euros