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A digital platform to improve water management

The digital E-Dashboard system makes it possible to control water consumption, rationalise its use and reduce waste to zero.

A centralised monitoring system

Launched in 2021 and currently active in the Osoppo, Verona and Potenza production sites, the E-Dashboard project aims to create a platform for environmental data monitoring and management. It represents a key solution for the automation of control functions, the process of centralising data, and the evaluation of trends and performance indices. One of the main strengths of the platform is the ability to supervise plant water consumption constantly. The first phase of the project, which focused on quantitative water monitoring, has now transitioned to a more advanced phase, which analyses water quality.

Real-time data collection

E-Dashboard draws field data from the “Energy Sentinel” system or manual imputation. These readings contribute to the construction of “synoptics“, in other words, constantly updated representations of the water resource management system of the various production sites; these solutions enable the rapid detection of abnormal water consumption so that timely interventions can be implemented, including alerts if specific threshold values are exceeded.

Results and potential developments

In the early stages, the project yielded excellent results, achieving a 25% reduction in water consumption in the year 2021 compared to 2019. The platform was designed with modular logic so that it can be flexibly expanded to allow for future monitoring not only of water consumption but also of other environmental matrices such as atmospheric emissions, noise levels, and groundwater issues.