Production plant for electro-welded wire mesh,
a cornerstone in Slovenia and the Balkan market.

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Electro-welded mesh for Slovenia and the Balkans

Kovinar, a company based in Jesenice (Slovenia) close to the border with Austria and Italy, is the reference for the production of electrowelded wire mesh in former Yugoslavia. The company, which joined the Pittini Group in 2007, has 50 years of experience in the building sector.

High quality and customer service are the main features of the technical assistance Kovinar production system, which offers a wide range of products from standard to custom and special wire mesh.

Quality and Certifications

The quality has always been a determinant of the high competitiveness that has characterized the group’s companies of Pittini group. Quality is a strength and a constant in all the productions.

The high quality standards are achieved with planned production processes constantly controlled throughout all phases: Pittini steel is subjected to strict controls that ensure the highest reliability in respect of the applications in which it is intended and the Regulations in force.
The high quality standards achieved in Kovinar are the result of a constantly monitored production processes. The recognition of quality of the product is given by the certifications issued by different Authorities Control Officers and certifications such as ZAG, BauCert Steiermark, Institut IGH.


Registered offices
4270 Jesenice – Spodnji Plavž 6 – Slovenija
Tel: +386 4/580 96 70 – Fax: +386 4/580 96 77

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