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in the steel sector Innovation to enhance our value and improve our steel. This is the guiding principle of the research and development activity of the Pittini Group.

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The Pittini Group has always been committed to and invested in research and innovation as a key element of competitiveness in the global steel industry. Specifically, Research and Development activities have evolved and consolidated over the years in line with the Pittini Group’s commitment to the continuous improvement of both the steelmaking process and the vertically integrated product for the construction and mechanical industries.


An innovative steel slag treatment system patented by the Pittini Group allows for the reuse of waste in the context of a circular economy.


A European research project focused on improving the quality of rebar during the rolling process through an innovative real-time monitoring system.


A European development project to create a software platform for initiating predictive maintenance plans in rolling mills.


A project designed to redefine the skills required to work in energy-intensive industries which adopt circular economy processes.


Digitising the steel supply chain's logistics with an eye to Industry 4.0 in order to improve road conditions, safety at work and reduce the environmental impact.


A European project to use plastic waste as a substitute for coal in electric arc furnace steel smelting.

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