A European research project focused on improving the quality of rebar during
the rolling process through an innovative real-time monitoring system.

HRIT - Hot Rolling Inductive Tomography

progetto SRS

The project was supported by POR FESR 2014-2020, activity 1.3.a DGR n.646/2016 with a total investment of 302,959.56 euro and a grant amounting to 131,686.32 euro.

The Pittini Group invests in improving the quality of its processes and products through the use of the best technologies available on the market and by participating in research projects that lead to a continuous improvement in the quality of its finished products. This is the case with the HRIT international research project, which targets a qualitative improvement of hot rolling processes.

High quality rebar

The project has the objective of studying a new technique for detecting intermittent defects in hot rolled bar processing systems.

It is designed to develop an innovative real-time rolling process control system based on inductive magnetic tomography.
The use of tomography, with the reconstruction of the entire bar section, can not only solve the problem of detecting long longitudinal defects but also replace the profilometers used for process control, with a significant simplification in both operation and maintenance activities.

The successful completion of the project will enable Ferriere Nord to improve the rolling process through an advanced real-time process monitoring system. The quality of Pittini’s rebar will thus be guaranteed by implementing innovative in-line control processes.

Locandina HRIT

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