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Intelligent robots supervise the production of electrowelded wire mesh

By participating in the European RoboInspect project, the Pittini Group is encouraging the transition to the Industry 4.0 model, which involves, with the adoption of new technologies, a progressively increasing level of industrial automation and progressively more sophisticated control systems.

Automated steel production controls

The aim of RoboInspect (a European RFCS research project) is to introduce new robotic inspection systems in the European steel industry to improve safety and optimise resources.

At the electro-welded wire mesh production facility of Ferriere Nord, we are testing a mobile robot demonstrator that monitors and verifies the correct positioning of the wire rods before reaching the welding station. In this way, workers will be able to interact with the robot and avoid approaching the winder or the forklift that transports the coils, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Artificial intelligence increases production efficiency and reduces costs

Thanks to the development of robotic systems that allow automatic process control, production can be managed more efficiently, with significant added economic benefits.

Automating specific procedures means that production can be managed more accurately with less waste of materials. The time required for monitoring operations is also decreased, and the need for manual operations to resolve errors is also minimised. At the same time, the images captured by the robot are analysed by artificial intelligence algorithms and stored to create valuable process records over time. The associated result is an improved quality of the finished products.

Safety and efficiency are the impulses driving investment

Over the past decades, many processes at the production facilities of the Pittini Group have been automated, in most cases, to increase safety and sustainability. These measures have been undertaken by technicians from various departments within the Group who have collaborated with each other. For instance, in the Roboinspect project, mechanical and automation skills had to be combined with managerial expertise. Our people’s experience is the driving force behind the continuous progress that brings the Pittini Group to the forefront of the world of sustainable steelmaking.