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The investment in photovoltaic power stations continues

Expansions and improvements for photovoltaic facilities at the Osoppo plant of the Pittini Group.

New installations

In early 2023, the photovoltaic systems already present at the Osoppo mill were expanded and upgraded in terms of efficiency. In fact, new panels were installed over the warehouse dedicated to the storage of Jumbo® rebar, and the panels already present in the area adjacent to the gatehouse were revamped, improving their efficiency. These new systems are equipped with power optimizers, which improve their efficiency.

State-of-the-art technologies

Photovoltaic systems are very efficient but they are not free from maintenance and control. All the panels can be monitored remotely via a cloud-based platform, which provides information on their status, any anomalies and the energy they are producing. In addition, the new systems installed at the Osoppo site are equipped with 12 robots for automatic washing, which guarantee constant cleaning of the modules for a constant yield. A new “dry” technology is also adopted for the latter, which also enables dry cleaning.

Towards sustainable energy

Thanks to these investments, the installed capacity is going to increase from 168kWp to 1,569kWp for the system installed on the Jumbo® warehouse, and from 800kWp to 1,092kWp for the system next to the gatehouse. The expected annual production is more than 3 GWh/year.

Further installations are already planned for the future, not only for the site in Osoppo but also for the other companies of the Group.