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Zarri and Siat: a long-lasting collaboration

For years, Zarri has relied on drawn wire from SIAT to manufacture its steel products.

U-bolts take the form of bent U-shaped tie rods and play a key role in fastening pipes, cables, brackets and other components to walls, panels and other fixed elements. They are used in a wide range of industries, from construction to plant engineering and agriculture.

Zarri, a company founded in 1973 in Cento di Ferrara, had the merit of being one of the first in Italy to produce these small but essential components. Since then, Zarri has chosen to use drawn wire from SIAT for its production process, and this collaboration continues to this day: this shows how important it is to have a reliable supplier to guarantee a trouble-free production process.

The company, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023, is now based in Castello d’Argile, Bologna, and is managed by the successors of the Zarri family, who are actively involved in the organisation.

The versatility of Zarri manufacturing

Each year, Zarri processes approximately 2,000 tonnes of steel using cold-forming technologies on a variety of production lines; these different manufacturing processes are designed to ensure a high degree of versatility to support small, medium and large batch sizes.

Zarri stands out in the market thanks to its wide range of catalogue products and its ability to create customised items according to customer requirements. In addition to offering a complete line of ready-to-use products, the company is a leader in producing customised solutions adapted to specific customer specifications. The presence of a large, automated warehouse allows the company to respond effectively and promptly to a variety of requests, from the most basic design to very complex fastening elements.

The advantages of choosing SIAT

The strength of this dynamic and highly specialised company from Bologna lies in its recognised expertise in processes and materials, which ensures complete and reliable service that fully satisfies its customers’ requirements. Choosing SIAT drawn wire and relying on the professionals at SIAT guarantees reliable service and quality that meets all expectations.