Continuous quality improvement with the new electric furnace at the Osoppo steelworks

A new electric arc furnace with larger geometric dimensions compared to the previous one was installed in the Ferriere Nord facilities in Osoppo.

The current diameter of 6.8m has been expanded to 7.1m to allow charging two scrap buckets at a time and greater operating flexibility, while the 148 ton liquid steel tapping capacity remains unchanged.  This leads to significant results in terms of production cycle optimization.

Plant investments in this Pittini Group steel mill began with a first revamping phase in 2013, then a second one in 2015 and the years that followed, which was marked by continuous technological upgrades. Modifications were made to the plants downstream the melting plant, which included replacement of the continuous casting turret, increase in the ladle volume, modernization of the material handling system and installation of a higher level of automation for the refining furnace. In 2017, modernization works were carried out to the scrap yard with the installation of a cover over the south bay and a new charging crane, therefore representing a further step forward in terms of global results, strengthening the correct management of the furnace charge. Careful choices based on in-depth knowledge of the process have allowed the Osoppo facilities to become a market leader in the production of construction steel, achieving excellent performance not only in terms of efficiency but also as regards environmental impact, thanks to an accurate and intelligent management of the chemical and electrical energy.