Daniel Marcon is awarded the Pittini Group “I Fuoriclasse della scuola” scholarship

Daniel Marcon, a student at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale G. Marconi (State Industrial Technical Institute), Verona, was awarded the Pittini Group scholarship as part of the “I Fuoriclasse della scuola” (Outstanding Student) initiative, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education (Miur) and by the Italian Foundation for Financial and Savings Education (Feduf), which has reached its fourth edition this year.

Daniel, who is a maths enthusiast, ranked third in the statistics Olympiad, a category for which he received the award on November 14, 2019 at the Castellanza headquarters of LIUC – Cattaneo University. The scholarship is an incentive for Daniel to continue his education in the technological field, especially in IT. He will enrol in the Faculty of Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering at Trento.

The “I Fuoriclasse della scuola” project aims at rewarding Italian high school students who have stood out in all fields of education. Supporting the most brilliant students to promote their education and help them access the labour market is one of the goals that the Pittini Group has been pursuing in the context of its activities aimed at enhancing the paths of cultural and social growth of the younger generations.