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The Pittini Sustainability Report: projects, figures and results

The Group has published a document outlining the results and objectives achieved in the economic, social and environmental domains.

The Pittini Group has published its third annual sustainability report, consolidating its commitment to the environmental, social and economic spheres even further.

The report highlights the progress made by the Group in reducing its emissions. By investing in advanced technologies and innovative processes, the Pittini Group has achieved an 8.9% reduction in CO2eq emissions in 2022 compared to the previous year. Strategies for a more responsible use of water and raw materials have also been implemented: water consumption has been reduced by over 3% compared to the previous year. By following the principles of the circular economy, 534,000 tonnes of potential by-products were transformed into resources, bringing the proportion of waste recovered or recycled to over 85%.

People are at the heart of the Group’s policies, as evidenced by the almost 49,000 hours of training provided during the year, representing an investment of €750,000. This policy has contributed significantly to the 29% reduction in the number of accidents at work compared to the previous year.

The Pittini Group maintains its commitment to the community through the initiatives promoted by the Pittini Group Foundation. These activities contribute to the development of our communities, promoting the connection between territory, solidarity and education.

Support for the supply chain is also confirmed, in particular by focusing on local suppliers for 64% of the total procurement as well as with credit advance initiatives such as the discounting project.

The report was drafted in compliance with the most widely accepted reporting standards, the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative. This effort has been certified by IGQ, Istituto Italiano di Garanzia della Qualità the first agency in Italy to certify corporate quality systems.

This initiative confirms the commitment of the Pittini Group to play a leading role in the ecological transition of the steel industry, highlighting its efforts in facing global challenges and promoting a more sustainable future.