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ISO 50001 certification for Siderpotenza and La Veneta Reti

The Pittini Group strengthens its commitment to greater sustainability by obtaining two more ISO 50001 certifications for their Energy Management Systems.

Siderpotenza and La Veneta Reti, companies of the Pittini Group, have reached a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainability and energy efficiency by obtaining the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 certification. This international standard for Energy Management Systems provides guidelines for implementing an effective management system, allowing energy consumption to be continuously monitored, measured and optimised.

For both companies, this recognition is an important step in their commitment to continuously improving their energy performance, thereby achieving a number of tangible benefits, including reduced energy costs and a lower environmental impact.

The ISO 50001 certification is part of the Pittini Group’s path of awareness and efficiency. Since 2012, the Ferriere Nord plant has maintained a certified Energy Management System (EMS). As of 2024, the system will also integrate the new IAF-ISO guidelines, including climate change considerations.