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An exceptional setting for top-class training

The first edition of «Management 4 Steel», a Steel Academy that is strongly endorsed by the Asonext, Duferco, Feralpi and Pittini Groups for several internal collaborators, ended on 29th  September at the Frecce Tricolori headquarters in Rivolto del Friuli.

All those who were present were able to experience with great emotion and amazement the aerobatic exercise of the Frecce Tricolori (the Italian aerobatic display team) and hear how the scheduled and additional maintenance activities are carried out on the aircraft with a visit to the maintenance hangar. The highlight of the visit was the intervention of the Commander of the National Aerobatic Team, Lieutenant Colonel Gaetano Farina. It was an extremely special moment of celebration, focused on the importance of teamwork, which is essential to achieve a common goal. The Commander described their leadership model, based on respect for each individual person, but stigmatized with the phrase “individuality disappears” in favour of the group. Emphasis was also given to the importance of continuous training as a fundamental element for completing aerobatic flight missions.  This was a natural comparison with the issues addressed by the Management 4 Steel participants who, for twelve months, followed the courses organized in collaboration with Officina Pittini per la Formazione, the Corporate School of the Pittini Group, and ISFOR Training and Research, a Division of the Fondazione AIB foundation for Continuous Training.