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an essential component of our lives.

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Areas of application of our steel

Steel is not just an alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon, but a metal that is crucial to human life. Thanks to its characteristics, it has played a decisive role in the history of mankind and still plays a key role in our lives today.
An invisible and silent presence.


Structural steel produced by the Pittini Group forms the basis of reinforced concrete buildings and infrastructures, the main methodology of modern construction.


The mechanical engineering industry, which is essential for the productive activities of a modern economy, relies on steel both as a component and for production equipment.


The development of circular economy projects aimed at making use of steel production residues.


Welding wire is at the heart of every production process and is required to join steel elements to each other.

Drawn products

The production of drawn steels begins with wire rod produced in rolling mills and has applications in several industry sectors.