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About Us

The Pittini Group, headquartered in Osoppo, in the province of Udine, is a leader in the production of long steels for the construction and mechanical industry. With a production output of around 3 million tons per year, 18 production and logistic service facilities and 1,800 collaborators, Pittini is a sound industrial business oriented towards constant growth, guided by high-technological investments, product innovation and a careful environmental sustainability policy.

The facilities manage the entire production cycle focusing on a circular economy; from the raw material (ferrous scrap and recycled metals) to the finished product with the production of billets, rolled products for reinforced concrete in coils and bars and wire rod. This last one undergoes a further process: it may be turned into electro-welded products for the building industry – such as mesh and lattice girders – or into rolled and drawn products for mechanical engineering, or in the welding wire production. Steel is obtained through a melting process based on the use of the electric arc furnace (EAF), the most sustainable and ecological technology for this type of production. In 1995, the Pittini Group launched the Zero Waste project with the aim of adding value to production residues and thus recycling them. In particular, in the steel production cycle slag represents the residue with higher volumes. Today Granella®, a product mainly used in road paving as a replacement and alternative to natural aggregates, comes just from the steelworks residues.