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Job rotation: personal and professional growth

Job rotation is a tool to learn new skills and create new relationships. Marco Venturini and Francesca Valentinuzzi share their experience with us here.

What has job rotation meant to you?

FRANCESCA VALENTINUZZI: Job rotation is change, an essential key to unlock both personal growth and corporate improvement. A constantly evolving enterprise such as the Pittini Group is expected to adopt a dynamic approach also when managing its human resources by making them flexible and ready for change. For me, it was and is a professional and personal challenge, an opportunity to expand knowledge and develop relationships. At the company level, it allows an exchange between co-workers and the continuation of the current and established in-house dynamics.

MARCO VENTURINI: The in-house job rotation tool allows for a change of role within the same company, but in my specific case, it allowed me to keep the same role as an RSPP and deal with occupational health and safety aspects in a new environment with a different set of characteristics and complexities.
In this way I was able to grow both professionally and also personally, taking advantage of the knowledge gained in one area and applying it to others.  Besides, interacting with other professionals allowed me to improve upon my teamwork skills and in general organize my work even better.

Which steps defined the change of role?

FRANCESCA VALENTINUZZI: I can identify two steps: one human and one organizational. The first approach was with the HR Managers which was followed by a meeting with the Occupation manager and colleagues in the assignment office. Subsequently, the focus was on the organizational dimension with the definition of the activities that were necessary to give continuity to my previous role and the setting up of a mentoring program which was defined by comparing myself with the colleague with whom the job rotation took place in order to learn the essential information.

MARCO VENTURINI: The handover was pretty quick: I was approached in December, and by the first of February I was ready to take on the new position. From that moment on, a very rapid mentoring process began for me, and, at the same time, managing the handover with my colleague Francesca was crucial.
Throughout the entire transition from one position to the next, I was followed and supported by Human Resources as well as the people in charge who welcomed me to Acciaierie di Verona.

Can you tell us about your experience?

FRANCESCA VALENTINUZZI: Since this is a change that has recently taken place, it is an experience that I would describe as constantly evolving. I am living my days to the fullest, with the goal of seizing all the inspirations and experiences by making them an important background for the future, both on a professional and personal level.
I am trying to make the most of all the meetings with people and create a path that will allow me to build a foundation to gain a solid understanding of the new company environment.

MARCO VENTURINI: Leaving a peaceful and familiar workplace is never an easy thing to do, and the fact of not working close to home may seem like a particularly tough choice for a person from Friuli.
In reality, this experience is and will be a great opportunity for both professional and personal growth, albeit in a very different business context.
Taking on the new position is allowing me to mature, change my life, and totally get myself back into the game. In Acciaierie di Verona, I have discovered a company in the midst of great transformation, and my co-workers have made me feel at home from the very first moment.