The new «Management 4 Steel»

The new «Management 4 Steel»: innovation, digital transformation and steel culture diffusion.

In the age of sharing, high-level training is also performed teams; and better still is when the challenges ahead are as fast as the pace of change. Between skills that are increasingly oriented to 4.0 and transversal soft skills, modern training means investing for shared growth.

This is the thread that links four of the most important Italian Iron and Steel Groups in an initiative that goes beyond the individuality of the company to focus on an overall project. From the need to train more and more skilled people, the «Management 4 Steel» project was born, that is, the Iron and Steel Academy that was strongly desired by the Aso, Duferco, Feralpi and Pittini groups addressed to some of their internal collaborators.

The agreement, signed on May 29, not only highlights the importance of investing in young people to promote cultural growth, but for the first time it also establishes a virtuous collaboration for a common project, designed specifically to train its resources who will be standard bearers for change within the individual companies.

The path of higher education, approved and shared among the companies, aims at providing cross-cutting knowledge and skills, while at the same time fostering the creation of a network in the steel industry.

The project will start in the autumn.


Aso Group
The Aso Group is an international holding company that has been specializing in the production of steel ingots and forged bars since 1971. The reference sectors are mainly oil&gas, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, engineering and shipbuilding. Over the years, the group has developed its own tools and skills in order to expand and meet the demands of the global market, guaranteeing a high quality standard and flexibility. Since 2011, the Aso Group has taken on a fundamental role within the hydraulic components market with a wide range of products such as chrome-plated bars, chrome-plated pipes and linear bars. Continuous attention to the environment is the result of numerous projects aimed at continuous improvement of the plants.

Duferco Group
The Duferco Group, founded in 1979 by Bruno Bolfo, president, is an International Holding operating mainly in the steel sector. Over the years it has developed diversified businesses in various sectors at an international level. After having achieved important results worldwide in the steel sector, the Group has expanded its outreach by diversifying its activities in sectors such as energy, shipping, trading and industry. Today, the Group is represented in Italy by Duferco Italia Holding SpA, which has participatory control of all the activities developed on the domestic market.

Feralpi Group
The Feralpi Group is one of the leading steel producers in Europe, specializing in the production of steels for both construction and special applications. With 2.5 million tons per year of steel and rolled products, it has a head count of over 1,500 employees in Italy, Europe and North Africa, with a diversified international structure upstream and downstream the supply chain. Feralpi’s mission is not only to produce the best steels, but to do it in the most sustainable way possible, which means reducing consumption and emissions by using the best technologies available thanks to intense internal innovation and research.

Pittini Group
The Pittini Group, with headquarters in Osoppo (UD), is a leader in the production of long steels for the construction and mechanical industries. With an annual production of around 3 million tons, 18 production facilities, a logistics service and 1,800 employees, Pittini is a sound industrial business that pursues constant growth, driven by high-tech investments, product innovation and a careful environmental sustainability policy.

Officina Pittini is the Group’s corporate training school. Founded in 2003 with the aim of providing its employees with ongoing training programs, it bears witness to the value that Pittini gives to the development of professional skills as an incentive for the development and improvement of the company. Officine Pittini for training is a non-profit organization accredited by the Training Directorate of the Autonomous Region of FVG since 2004. At its headquarters in Osoppo, training courses are organized for pre and post-graduates and private citizens, as well as specific courses for the Group’s staff.