The Pittini Group and BNL BNP Paribas Group: a loan of 30 million euros for environmental sustainability

The Pittini Group and BNL BNP Paribas Group have signed a 6-year sustainable linked loan of 30 million euros, which is intended to support our “green” investments.

The BNL loan – which is called a “positive loan” given the purposes, it is intended for – strengthens the integration of sustainability objectives in the company’s strategy.  This will be done by means of a reward mechanism on the cost of the loan linked to the achievement of specific targets in the reduction of water consumption and dust emissions by the main production plants of the Group. The Pittini Group will therefore be able to support the “Sustainable Steel Capex” plan for the implementation of new water treatment and dust filtering plants.

Environmental sustainability has always been paramount to our business, and this is a significant step for the Group’s growth towards the production of increasingly sustainable steel. In practice, this means making a rational use of resources and managing the production facilities with a view to continually improving the impact on the environment.