Pittini Group donates desks and furniture to the schoools of Gemona

The Pittini Group consolidates the link with the territory in which it is located With a donation of furniture to the schools of Gemona.

The initiative came from the idea of ​​a parent, an employee of Ferriere Nord, who daily clashes with the obsolescence of school facilities. The Management had not back down and accepted the request: has agreed to donate the owned furniture unused following the transfer of the offices in the new headquarters site Osoppo.

The first step was the donation at the end of November 2014 of 10 desks, 10 drawers and two tables in the elementary school of Ospedaletto. The school has ten classes: all the chairs of teachers were replaced.
March in Piovega (place of origin of the family Pittini) were replaced the chairs ruined and installed in the music and art classrooms two enclosures to contain material of value. Furthermore, in late May,  were donated 20 desks with 10 modular drawer units to the middle school Cantore of via D’Aronco, which have been prepared for the installation  computer and languages instruments. The work will end in September.

The transfer of the furniture was coordinated by the Association of parents of the primary school of Ospedaletto „Sante Striche non-profit organization“ with the help of municipal employees. They took part to the operations, in addition to the Headmaster, also the Municipality of Gemona (Mayor and Deputy Mayor) and the City Council of Bordano (Mayor and Deputy Mayor).