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Pittini launches its new product at the Asphaltica trade fair

At the benchmark trade fair dedicated to road paving, the Pittini Group will introduce its new product Siderlime®.

Asphaltica, the trade fair of reference for road paving technologies and solutions, will be held in Verona from May 3 to 7. At Stand C5, Hall 11 R90, our representatives will welcome clients by illustrating the solutions offered by the Pittini Group in this sector. On Friday May 5 at 1:00 p.m., a workshop entitled “Reliable solutions for a sustainable road” will also be staged, during which the recovery and valorisation of manufacturing by-products to create new ones will be discussed in greater detail.

The main example is Granella®, a potential steel mill manufacturing residue transformed into a trademarked product that carries EPD environmental certification. At Asphaltica trade fair, there will also be the presentation of the new product Siderlime®, an artificial aggregate of steel mill origin for use in the production of construction materials and bituminous mixtures for use as an active filler.

Siderlime® is created by applying a purpose-built manufacturing process that involves controlled cooling, and the selection and screening of ladle content at the end of the steel casting phase. It is a clear example of a circular economy without any environmental impact because the calcium oxides it contains are decarbonised and therefore CO2 is not released.