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Recruiting Day FVG: the Pittini Group offers 120 job opportunities

The Pittini Group grows and looks to the future by organising a Recruiting Day in collaboration with the Employment Services of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The FVG Recruiting Day is scheduled to take place on Tuesday June 6 at the Pittini Group headquarters in Osoppo, in the province of Udine. The decision to organise a recruiting event with the Region of FVG is designed to highlight the level of technical specialisation and technological evolution achieved by the steel industry, to describe the future developments of excellence of the territory of Friuli and to promote the many opportunities available from the perspectives of professional, personal and educational development.

Reliability, innovation and people are the Group’s corporate values and the core principles in its way of doing business, all of which are achieved as a result of tangible measures for the benefit of its employees, the supply chain and the territories in which it operates. Producing sustainable and innovative steel is a commitment that is evident in every stage of the production process, based on a circular economy manufacturing cycle, while being acknowledged as a reliable partner for both clients and suppliers which is an achievement that has been consolidated through more than 60 years of experience in the sector.

To support its continuous development from both the technical and dimensional perspective, the Pittini Group is currently searching for people to join its production and corporate departments: human resources who are willing to share the company’s values and be involved in a dynamic and highly technological environment. The professional profiles required, 120 in total, include technical and managerial positions such as Project Managers; environmental technicians; technical office staff, technological innovation engineers; junior analysts; PLC software engineers; product certification representatives; laboratory analysts and technical test laboratory personnel, but also in the field of 4.0 production and logistics: job opportunities include production technicians; technology plant operators; pipefitters; welders; electrical and mechanical maintenance technicians; shipping staff. In addition, there is no shortage of professional opportunities in staff, administrative and management departments, such as accounting and purchasing personnel. The locations of employment are Ferriere Nord in Osoppo, Siat and its Pittarc division, which are both in Gemona del Friuli.

All open positions are visible on the Region’s website, where you can apply by sending your Curriculum Vitae by Sunday May 28. The operators of the Employment Services of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia will collect and perform a preliminary screening of all the submitted applications. Subsequently, candidates will be called for an interview which is jointly managed by the Pittini Group’s Human Resources team and the Region’s recruiters.

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