During the practice in 2016, important investments from a viewpoint of improvement in the environmental performance of our steel mill in Osoppo have been made.
The fume extraction plant has been boosted on the basis of the outcomes provided by a fluid-dynamic model developed in partnership with CSM, in order to eliminate the fugitive residual emissions. The intervention entailed an increase of the 20% in the plant’s suction capacity.

A second investment led to the installation of a new lime insufflation plant, this one, compared to the previous one, has a less impact on the environment.

An important investment has led to the enlargement and full coverage of our scrap yard with the following benefits on the environment:

  • Scrap protection from meteoric water and consequent reduction of energy consumption in the furnace.
  • Reduction of acoustic emissions (soundproofing panels).
  • Installation of a LED lighting system and consequent approval of the concerning project which is going to get 164 white certificates or EEC (Energy Efficiency Certificates).

Lastly, another upgrade on the “Zero Waste Project” has been made: the installation of a rotating reactor, which is the first step in the amortization and adaptation plan of the ladle slag treatment in our steel mill. The system, patented by Ferriere Nord S.p.A., allows to:

  • accelerate the dry cooling process and the ladle slag crumbling;
  • separate the metallic fraction.

It also provides a product similar to lime, which is reusable in electric air furnace (EAF) by insufflation. This process avoid the use of a raw material by reusing a waste product.
The treatment capacity is 30,000 tons of slag per year.