The Preschool „Cav. Andrea Pittini“ in Gemona has been opened

A very heart-felt opening ceremony was held last Thursday evening at Via Piovega’s preschool in Gemona named after Cavaliere Andrea Pittini decorated for his service to industry, who passed away last year on the 16th of October.

The event was attended by many people among which the Pittini family, employees, CEO Paolo Felice, on behalf of Pittini Group, but above all many children attending the preschool, their families, teachers and volunteers who contributed to the construction of the school.
Great participation was shown by Gemona’s citizens who will never forget Cav. Pittini’s great commitment in creating and reconstructing the entrepreneurial fabric of the city during the post war period and after the earthquake which struck the Friuli Venezia Giulia region on the 6th of May 1976.

Gemona’s mayor Paolo Urbani, councilor Loris Cargnelutti and the headmaster of the institute Antonio Pasquariello intervened during the ceremony. A touching speech was delivered by the President of the chamber of the commerce, Gianni Bravo, a friend of Cav. Pittini, who recalled and praised his leading skills and expertise.

Federico Pittini then delivered a speech recalling his father’s story and highlighting the importance of education today. Federico Pittini’s closing words were addressed to the children attending the event: “my wish to all the children, and in particular to those who are going to attend this preschool, is to have the opportunity to make all their dreams come true and to do what they like, just like my father did.“