1500 visitors at the #Ripartire exhibition

The exhibition #RIPARTIRE and the concurrent conferences organized by OPF (Pittini Education and Training Department) registered a high number of participants.

The exhibition #RIPARTIRE and the four concurrent meetings registered a great success, their main topic being post-earthquake reconstruction. The Order of the Engineers, the Order of the Architects, the Board of Experts and Surveyors of Udine have all been involved, together with Rassegna Tecnica of Friuli Venezia Giulia, thus contributing to a fruitful exchange of ideas about anti-seismic construction techniques and reconstruction issues.

1500 visitors participated in the exhibition #RIPARTIRE, which is going to come to an end on Saturday the 29th of October. The exhibition was originally intended for Pittini Group’s coworkers, but besides their great participation, many others visited the exhibition: schools, universities, external collaborators, engineers, architects, surveyors, workers’ relatives and former employees. An unexpected success which mirrors the great interest in Pittini Group’s post-earthquake resumption of activities: the company is in fact one of the symbols of the locally well-known motto “Factories [to be reconstructed] first, homes later, churches last“.