Air Liquide inaugurates 2 new plants producing gaseous oxygen at Ferrriere Nord

Friday 12th June, at Ferriere Nord site, AIR LIQUIDE inaugurates two new plants producing gaseous oxygen (VSA unit – Vacuum Swing Adsorption).The new production units, equipped with the latest technology, will bring total capacity of Air Liquide on the site to more than 200 tons/day of oxygen . The day began with a welcome by President of Ferriere Nord Federico Pittini followed by the CEO of Air Liquide Italy Frédéric Lamouroux and director of the Large Industries business line of Air Liquide , GianLuca Cremonesi .

Sergio Bolzonello (Vicepresidente Regione FVG e assessore Attività produttive), Franco Iacop (Presidente Consiglio regionale), Paolo De Simon (Sindaco Osoppo), Paolo Felice e Federico Pittini (Amministratore delegato e presidente Ferriere Nord S.p.A.) all’inaugurazione dei Nuovi Impianti di Produzione di Ossigeno Gassoso presso Ferriere Nord S.p.A. – Osoppo 12/06/2015