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Pittini Group takes its mesh to new heights

Ready, get luggage set, go! Pittini Group’s mesh was chosen for the refurbishment of Marco Polo Airport in Venice, as part of the Master Plan 2012-2021.

Venice airport: the start of a journey

Ready, get luggage set, go!
Any journey starts from an airport, be it a business trip or a holiday.
During the last few years, airports, from simple places of transit, have become lively areas in which to relax and have fun, go shopping and more. Today we are telling you some fun facts about Tessèra Airport. Dedicated to Marco Polo, the famous merchant and explorer native of Venice, the airport started being built on the 29th of March 1958 – almost 60 years ago -, and was opened two years later, on the 31st of July 1961.

It is strategically located 13 km away from Venice, thus being a point of reference for the whole north-eastern Italy.
Besides being a primary resource for economy and tourism in the region, the airport has become an important hub for national and international flights.

Renovation and enlargement thanks to Pittini wire

In order to cope with the increasing air traffic, in 2002 some expansion and refurbishment works were started. Managed by Holding Save S.p.A., today Venice Airport has become one of the most advanced airports the world over.

The above-mentioned refurbishment works are included in Venice Airport’s developement plan (Master Plan 2012-2021), to which Pittini Group has contributed too. In fact, our Group has supplied 1,100 tons of standard mesh to Venice airport, through our customers ITINERA and I.C.M S.p.A.

So, the next time you are landing in or taking off from Venice Airport, remember that the place in which you are relaxing after your flight is so comfortable also thanks to Pittini Group!