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Portopiccolo: a luxury resort featuring Pittini Group’s mesh

A luxury oasis nestled among the Karst mountains: this is Portopiccolo, a new eco-friendly village in north-eastern Italy. Pittini Group’s mesh was chosen for the project.

Portopiccolo: the North East’s little Monte Carlo

To talk about this project leave your mind go to the Karst, and specifically to the charming, karstic stone seaside village located in the upper Adriatic Sea between the castles of Miramare and Duino (Trieste province).

Today, that same village – which did not even exist until a few years ago-, has become a place in which peacefulness and good living perfectly blend into each other: this is Portopiccolo, also known as the “Montecarlo of the North-East”.

In this area was located a limestone quarry called Baia di Sistiana, set between the white stone walls and the cliffs safeguarded by Duino Natural Park. Since the second century A.D., the quarry was used for the building and enlargement of nearby cities and the port of Trieste, or as a strategic base during the world wars.
In the Seventies, the quarry fell into disuse until being completely abandoned.

However, one of the most beautiful spots of the coast could not be neglected for a long time; on the contrary, an idea was needed in order to get the most out of that wonderful gem.
That’s how Portopiccolo was born, one of the most important urban requalification projects carried out in Italy during the last few years.

An example of urban regeneration

30,000 square meters hosting some elegant houses, designed according to contemporary living concepts: a village with 460 housing units, a luxury hotel, 9 restaurants, 6 cafes, 30 shops and boutiques, a 15,000-square- meters Spa, 10 outdoor swimming pools, a bathing area and 2 enormous parking lots with 1,200 underground car parks.

portopiccolo portopiccolo

Portopiccolo was developed and realized by Rizzani de Eccher Group, currently one of the main players in the building sector with many international projects under its belt. The project required an investment amounting to 350 million euros, which have been used to ensure the highest safety, accessibility and sustainability standards. As a matter of fact, the village was designed to be zero-impact, safe, sustainable and accessible, thus being perfectly integrated in the Duino Cliffs Natural Reserve.

Pittini Group contributed to the construction of Portopiccolo by providing a specially customized mesh. These customized meshes proved to be the most suitable solution to satisfy the construction requirements for this structure, especially in terms of installation speed, labour and material saving.

The facilities of the Pittini Group are specialised in the production of special and customized meshes, zinc plated and/or moulded meshes that meet with utmost precision design and site execution requirements.