SPENS (Sustainabble Pavements for European New Member States) (2006-2009)

Project funded by the 6th FP – Contract No. TST5-CT-2006-031467 – SPENS
Position of Ferriere Nord: partner
Objective: Dissemination of road technological solutions in European new member States (road construction and maintenance)
Co-ordinator: ZAG (SLO)
Partners in addition to Ferriere Nord: KTI (Hungary), VTI (Sweden), Arsenal (Austria), CVD (Czech Republic), IdiBM (Poland), TUZA (Slovakia), FEHRL (Belgium), DDC (Slovenia) and, through FEHRL, 20 laboratories including IGH-Croatia, IP-Serbia, TKTI-Lithuania and others.

The main objective of Ferriere Nord was the dissemination of its new road technological solutions, Reflex & Granella, in the new member States involved in the Corridor 5 project and neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria).

During this research, road pavements reinforced with electro-welded meshes were extensively studied through numerical modelling in order to improve structural engineering. Furthermore, to validate the model, a fully equipped experimental section was set up in Maribor and subject to fatigue tests (Granella + mesh).

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